Veterans’ Donations



Veterans in our community and around the country as long as this country has been in existence have brought back mementos of their time in service, saved uniforms, framed medals and insignia. While often these items become priceless pieces of a family’s history, just as many times they are tossed into a trash bag or taken to a thrift store. The Newnan-Coweta Historical Society would like to save these pieces of our local history from ending in the landfill. These items can serve as a record of what local men and women have done when called to duty. These items can also be vital parts of the education process, helping high school students to better understand the country that their fathers and grandfathers fought to defend. 

All items donated will be properly identified, cataloged and maintained and used for appropriate display and  educational purposes (in a partnership with the Newnan High School History Department) and all donors will be credited for their donations. The initial effort will be with World War II veterans, but eventually we hope to expand the program to Korean and Vietnam veterans as well.

Types of Items that can be donated:
Weapons, insignia and patches, uniforms, gear, flags, pictures, scrapbooks, audio and video items, works of art and captured enemy materials. Memoirs, diaries, letters and unit histories would be especially valuable to people researching the era. If you have put your memories on paper, PLEASE donate a copy to the historical society! Larger items may be limited by space constraints.